Sunday, December 28, 2014


I wonder why Muslims always said that the Bible is wrong. They use Quran as a proof(as they claim) as evidence. 

What happen a while ago when my friend heard that STUPIDITY he asked the guy they called "Scholar", "What is Torah"(The reason why he asked that question because Christian Bible came from Torah which is the first five books in the Christian Old Testament. It is necessary for Christian teachings.) Well as what we are expecting, they'll use the FUCKING QURAN. Well as a result, no answer was heard.

The Muslim scholar continued reading the Quran telling us that it according to this, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.... And so on that it is the fault about the Jewish People. Then my friend asked him, "if the Bible is wrong, what is Torah? Because in order for you to prove that the Bible is wrong you need to break the foundation of Christian Bible which is the Torah." The MUSLIM SCHOLAR read the Quran. Still the question was not answered.

When my friend asked him that question, he diverted the topic to our atheism and we are not allowed to ask them question... We're just a shit for them. (Anyway who cares and that's too fucking irrelevant to the topic)

He said, "Because your are an atheist, you are unauthorized to ask question about Islam"

If that the case, how could you prove that Islam is the real religion and your ALLAH is the real god(s) or whatever? How could you prove that the Christian Bible is wrong? Remember what is written in Torah can be found in Quran and Bible because they just copied Torah. The difference is Bible used Torah as their proof to support Christianity while even if the quran is a photocopied version of Torah, Muslim will not accept that. They keep on saying that it's far more different from Quran.

Since we were told not to asked them about Islam my friend asked him, "What do we need to discuss if we're not allowed to asked question? If you're not ready to answer my question then BYE"

The bottom line is if the Bible is wrong, what is Torah? If you gonna explain us your claims about the Jewish tradition using your scripture without using the basis of Christianity and Jewish and giving us a shit statement to get rid of our questions "You do not know the Bible."

With permission to tag some of my foreign friends.

Rick Riley, Frank Flyman and David Michaels 

and all nonbelievers like me who gave a little bit patience to listen to Muslim shits, you can ask these guys... If you will use the Bible as a proof, what will happen this event is valid because we have more than three witnesses, Deuteronomy 19:15.

Philip, Jose, Levi and of course me.
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