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Saturday, May 31, 2014


1. Why do you call yourself TheThinkingErnest?

- The answer is because I always wanted to keep my self on thinking critical things. That is usually theist often called the burden of thinking.

2. So you don't believe that there is someone who caused everything?

- Not exactly. I am not well convinced the way they told me that there is/are someone who caused everything. They call it god(s) who cause this universe.

3. Was that mean you're an atheist?

- Certainly yes. I am. I am an agnostic atheist.

4. Is atheism and illuminati the same?

- No. Atheism base on dictionary, is a rejection of religious believe of deity while illuminati is a group of people claiming to possess special enlightenment or knowledge of something.

5. Why do you hate god?

- Doesn’t hating something assume that it exists? This is like asking if I hate the Easter Bunny, Lord Voldemort, Santa Claus and The Tooth Fairy. (Actually...I do hate The Tooth Fairy. Cheap little @#$%!)

6. Don’t you know that god loves you?

- Awesome. Which god? Yahweh? Allah? Thor? Wotan? Zeus? Isis? Osiris? Loki? Odin? Mithra? Lolth? Aphrodite? Poseidon? Cronos? Horus? Beddru? Krishna? Zarathustra? Baal? Dagon? Dionysus? Enki? Gaia? Helios? Hermes? Marduk? Quetzalcoatl? Ra? Seti? Vishnu? Shiva? Xenu? Akuma? Raiden? Gekka? Bumba? Eshu? Jupiter? Romulus? Ilia? Venus? Abaangui? Ewah? Imhotep? Periboriwa? Dagda? Ishtar? Baldur? Tyr? Quetzalcoatl? Ixchel? Qi-Lin? Dievas? Adonis? Xanthus? Kali? Akka? Anubis? Sif? Mercury? Juno? Brahma? Frith? Eric Clapton? Or one of tens of thousands of others? Even Kibuloy from the Philippines?

7. Do you think religious people are stupid?

- The people, no. The beliefs, yes.

8. Why do you parody and mock? All belief systems deserve respect.

- The people, yes. The beliefs, no. Here in the 21st century, if someone states that the earth is flat and expects his belief to be "respected," he shouldn’t be personally attacked, but he should prepare himself as his outlandish assertions are stacked, skewered and roasted over the white-hot fires of science, reason, evidence and common sense. In this crazy world, some things are deserving of mockery.

9. Why do you focus so much on Christianity? Where are your videos on Islam and other religions?

- I was a former Christian under what they called born-again Christians. Debunking my former belief system is what I’m passionate about. For the record, I believe all religions and cults are superstitious nonsense. As TheThinkingAtheist(by Seth Andrews) and other secular group or organization evolve, I hope to tackle other religions with greater frequency. But for now, I’m pretty focused on the bible and mainstream Christianity that came from Torah.

10. Isn’t atheism a religion?

- Sure. And not smoking is a habit. Just kidding. Atheism is not a religion, it is a rejection of religion(which came from the word Religare) and religious activities.

11. Atheists gather together in groups to talk about their beliefs. Isn’t that like church?

- This idea confuses church with community. People should feel free to connect and celebrate the things they have in common. I think opposition to superstition qualifies as a common denominator, and human beings shouldn’t isolate themselves because they’re scared of labels. The Thinking Atheist and other online communities have given thousands the opportunity to make friends and find support all over the world.

12. But why spend so much time speaking out against a god you don’t believe in? Are you obsessed?

- When’s the last time an atheist knocked on your door with brochures about the Good News? When’s the last time you found a Richard Dawkins book in your hotel room? How many atheists pray to Charles Darwin before dinner? And how many atheists accost you with the threat that, if you don’t believe as they do, you will be tortured forever?

Religion started this. And my page exists as a response to the overwhelming wave of religious messages and influences in our culture. That's they've try to deactivate my previous blog last 2013.

13. What do you think happens when you die?

- It’s like before you were born. Non-existence.

14. Isn’t that rather sad? No afterlife?

- What’s sad is watching people squander decades of this life under the delusion that they’re super heroes on a divine mission with eternal reward. Carpe Diem, folks. This is the only time around. And you don’t need an afterlife to make this earthly one meaningful, rich and happy.

15. You were a Christian for 16 years? What took you so long to walk away?

- When you’re indoctrinated from birth, it’s not as easy as it sounds. I compare it to the coma patient who takes weeks or even months to regain full consciousness. Emerging from the cocoon of religion is rarely done easily or quickly. I’m just thankful I woke up. So meaning to say I wasn't born a Christian nor a believer.

16. When did you finally "come out" as an atheist?

- 2012. And with a devoutly religious family from two different Christian sects, it wasn’t pretty.

17. Do you have religious friends?

- Many. And they’re terrific people some of them are not because we do not talk about their religion as well as mine of being irreligious person.

18. Isn’t that weird?

- We agree to disagree. Then we go have sushi. I cut ties with the fire-and-brimstone types long ago.

19. Who inspires you?

- No one inspire me to be de-convert myself. It just happen that there were questions came in into my life which the bible and all other religion cannot answer. Sometimes they provide but still not valid for logical and scientific reasoning. 

I kept it as a secret until I have discovered that I'm not alone. I found Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Dan Barker, Daniel Dennett, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Michael Shermer, James Randi, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawkins, Carl Sagan, Mark Twain and Sam Harris inspiring and helpful. Julia Sweeney’s "Letting Go of God" is frequently in my DVD player. On YouTube and the web, I really enjoy and appreciate Thunderf00t, Matt Dillahunty, Evid3nc3, Mr. Deity, PZ Myers and a litany of videos from TEDtalks.

I’m also inspired by the thousands of regular people who connect and interact here and on my Facebook and YouTube pages. Their participation, humor and passion have encouraged and emboldened me in my own life. These people serve as a living refutation to the common religious charge that atheists are rudderless, angry and sad. I’m proud to be a part of the TTA community with them.

20. If god was real and show him/herself to you, would you believe that god exist at that time?

- In order for me to answer that question, be specific. Which god and from whom. As well as how many gods?

21. You haven't answer my question directly. But let say for example some other god(s) appear to reveal him/herself, would you believe on that moment immediately.

- Sure, as long as whoever it was can provide a valid proof that he exist.

22. Were you experience tragic moments in your life that's why you turned out from your faith?

- The answer is no. I religion made me a believer until science, philosophy and reality made me an Atheist.

23. Do you think there's a second life?

- For me life after death stories are just anecdotal. It could be real or not. For some religion death is a reward.

24. For you, what is the most terrible thing in life you afraid of? Is that death?

- As what I've mentioned earlier, death for some religion is a reward. But for your question's sake, I will answer that and the answer is being punished for a life time until I die.

25. Why being imprisoned why not death?

- You will suffer for a very long time before you die. but once you are a dead person, there's no suffering.

26. You were born in the Philippines. How does it feel to live in a pre-dominant Christian country?

- Something like a FM Radio frequency 94.7, SOUNDS GOOD!
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